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Cosmology Video

Here's a fine, wordless 'epic voyage through the universe' video, worth a look:

Hat tip to SF Signal.

It's particularly nice in showing the strange menagerie of denizens brought to light by recent astrophysics research; less a voyage than a zoo.

The best of all these sorts of videos was released in 1977 by the design team of Charles and Ray Eames. It may be the best nine-minute science video ever made: Powers of Ten, now with its own website. Narrated by physicist Philip Morrison.

You will learn more about the universe, its physics and cosmology, from these nine minutes than from any other I know. It has hardly dated a day in the last thirty-odd years. I still remember the first time I saw it as a young child. I didn't want it to end. Fortunately, now we have the luxury of hitting the play button again.