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The Pale Blue Dot

... and another video that's not to be missed. This is a wonderful animated tribute to Sagan's Pale Blue Dot, with Carl's own voice reading the words.

Another hat tip to Forbidden Planet


Carl Sagan Day

Carl SaganToday is the 76th anniversary of Carl Sagan's birth. (Nov. 9, 1934). Sagan will always hold a special place for his groundbreaking series Cosmos, which is still one of the greatest documentary series ever made. Watching and re-watching his episodes is a truly naturalistic, 'spiritual' experience.

Like nobody before or since, Sagan was able through his use of language to bring out the sense of awe and wonder in nature and in the scientific enterprise that has revealed it to us.

As homage to Sagan's memory, I recommend watching Cosmos again. But if you can't quite manage it today, John Boswell's magnificent first production in the Symphony of Science is worth a few minutes of your time.